Stories, scents and flavours:
the best of our Sicily.

If you have been there at least once, you know (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for!?)…

In other words, you know that Sicily is not one. It is many. Because of its geographical composition, with the diagonal line running from east to west. For its religious and secular traditions, for the colours of the land, for the people who live there, for the ways of thinking and saying. For the food, the wines, the culinary specialities, the first fruits of the season. If you have been there at least once, you will understand. That one trip is not enough to get to know the whole of Sicily (unless you make it last a lifetime…).

This is where we come in.

We have set out not only to tell you about it, but also to make it known to you in a direct and tasty way: by collecting, selecting and offering – in our shops throughout Italy and in our online shop – those traditional Sicilian products that the island – its lands, its greenhouses, its fields, its gardens, its plants, its workshops – is able to offer.

Flavours, stories, fragrances, processes, recipes, combinations, little magic… this is what identifies us: as soon as we were born we set out on our journey, searching, rediscovering step by step the notability of the territory, the authenticity of the land, the precious work of farmers, millers, pastry chefs and fishermen, pasta makers and cooks. We have travelled the length and breadth of the island to help them carry out their work, which is so important, and to make a careful selection. To support their hard work, their sacrifices, their passion. And not only at the moment of production but also at the moment of selling their traditional products.

We are Sicilians, we love our land as if it were a great mother, and we have a passion for good food and healthy eating. That is why we have created this high quality catalogue.
That is why, more than anything else, we want those who come into contact with us and taste our selections to be able to say with conviction: “Bonuè!”.

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